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At SkillPop, we’re revolutionizing learning

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We strive to create environments where trying a new skill is social, accessible, and engaging. You shouldn’t have to spend huge amounts of time or money just to try something new or build your skills, so we make it simpler.

We’ve held in-person classes pop-up style in unique locations throughout cities across the Southeast since 2015. Though our in-person classes are postponed for the next few months, we’re excited to continue our mission by bringing expert-led courses to you in a live, online format via SkillPop Anywhere.

Whether you’re learning about watercolors, marketing or anything else, SkillPop classes are designed to stretch you beyond the ordinary. Our teachers are established local experts looking to share their skills, and each class is bite-sized and focused so that you leave with the tools and knowledge to start pursuing your passion.

Whether you’re looking to learn, teach, or just connect - we’re glad you’re here! Thanks for being a part of the SkillPop community.

Meet the team

Haley b653ee8f5fd15cd8b587a24cafc04860e3ca15a125b98e52f8444e1fa4e357b7 Haley Bohon Founder & CEO
Amelia bd9df8680286c47d1438833981126e1dd3757ed24d4681ac60197a7f6dc4bb8f Amelia Chung Community Planning
Bonnie bdfc0e51ea4528aaee914a83a0c84d1be51a473c9e101cc6e8164282165389d7 Bonnie Elder Operations & Customer Support
Rob 2296c494d5813cf68573437a06bb7b3b8d3fd77b49677c25462870b05c7679e3 Rob Craig Teacher Success