At SkillPop, we’re revolutionizing in-person education

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We believe that the best learning happens in-person, and we strive to create environments where trying a new skill is social, accessible, and engaging. You shouldn’t have to spend huge amounts of time or money just to try something new or build your skills, so we make it simpler.

Whether you’re learning about watercolors, marketing or anything else, SkillPop classes are designed to stretch you beyond the ordinary. Our teachers are established local experts looking to share their skills, and each class is bite-sized and focused so that you leave with the tools and knowledge to start pursuing your passion.

We recognize the importance of deep community involvement, so courses are held pop-up style in unique locations throughout the city. We keep class sizes small to help you get the most out of the class and encourage easy connections in a new environment.

Whether you’re looking to learn, teach, or just connect - we’re glad you’re here! Thanks for being a part of the SkillPop community.

Meet the team

Haley 51553e084a1ed0d3c3ce5a94535e899cf418b5147aaebad034550a698fb11548 Haley Bohon Founder
Marypat 527caa02a65e43cc6b77a3e8adf7c266426ef2d7ad165e1c0b24d05734291abc MaryPat Lechich CLT Community Manager
Audrey a47d7a3a2d69a49d1cea73bd667e774079e5178f58bcc56a1d40a8743de710ef Audrey Henderson RDU Community Manager
Jeremy a1ce5df55d26ad7c283b953f288344600bbce0c05e189159ae8193e050013ce3 Jeremy Elrod GVL Community Manager
Amber 112a207dacbaa26d7ee737658f9a4055828352ecfc41134bb7ca62d9a6576749 Amber Brown Marketing Manager
Steve 1fd4663768414e7d26c4ecb2b3e46f7beb89ae7461e996a7b3ff2d342e33982b Steve Bohon Partner Relations
Amelia f6ed08875eb40a15f9b78c4da9d7e7078f815b6722b29380e63bd5f2159ac97c Amelia Chung Operations Assistant
Lauren 354b1ef448d7e6287a34889407ec58e4d95a9afb7ca8d23f53c74cb03c6c629d Lauren Au Class Manager
Liz b66bb9dfe8eae0be24462b9d45f778f000b746cbe5212ce3a54d79fcb81154b0 Liz Bargamian Class Manager
Jenna c78953660a925a8a971b4635ea6385a9dc570ee5f613ac849c61b4f11471de61 Jenna Daykin Class Manager
Sean f6e7c2d587bfa1ee6aa30c0724f89160be825f6cd14955d59b68ce5096d66260 Sean Hornyak Class Manager
Tobi eeb888a88be0699ac1c22e0377836ecff8e5e3abd8c056d309abda8d43f742d5 Tobi Lee Class Manager
Brittany f63fce0ff0462bf6a172efb10ed3cd9b0a5b0c9aa26a3aa587e12d554b22f145 Brittany Reed Class Manager
Chelsia 09bc279af936d2ab852e9af77af2ec0b30d5984ff2fde457cb560331d816d3f4 Chelsia Spivey Class Manager