At SkillPop, we’re revolutionizing in-person education

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We believe that the best learning happens in-person, and we strive to create environments where trying a new skill is social, accessible, and engaging. You shouldn’t have to spend huge amounts of time or money just to try something new or build your skills, so we make it simpler.

Whether you’re learning about watercolors, marketing or anything else, SkillPop classes are designed to stretch you beyond the ordinary. Our teachers are established local experts looking to share their skills, and each class is bite-sized and focused so that you leave with the tools and knowledge to start pursuing your passion.

We recognize the importance of deep community involvement, so courses are held pop-up style in unique locations throughout the city. We keep class sizes small to help you get the most out of the class and encourage easy connections in a new environment.

Whether you’re looking to learn, teach, or just connect - we’re glad you’re here! Thanks for being a part of the SkillPop community.

Meet the team

Haley 4bff234158d3f328e17ffb1f8ba37b832c971748fa4f9ee71c9e8eae076ea6d8 Haley Bohon Founder

Haley has a background in engineering & project management, and launched SkillPop in the fall of 2015. She’s passionate about connecting people, being a lifelong learner, and tacos.

Marypat fbd7b28dc163761b890c846ed7ad3e5a0f9ad1d77982016e895d066fbada660c MaryPat Lechich Charlotte Community Manager

MaryPat joined SkillPop in the spring of 2016 - if you’ve been to one of our Charlotte classes since April, you’ve probably seen her face. She’s also our in-house comedian.

Bree 92766b3b1eeb901c2943d996cc41cd379be72e7fbaae8d88b9957f7b23e99d6a Bree McMahon Class Manager

Bree started teaching with us in 2015 and joined the team to help us launch in Raleigh. She’s currently working on her Masters from NC State, so she fully understands (and constantly reminds us) what it’s like to be a student.

Audrey 8739f1e7820aff132363796859951856966df46e5bb9c0ba97880f006845907f Audrey Henderson Raleigh Community Manager

Audrey came to Raleigh to go to NC State and has stayed ever since - seven years strong! She loves Raleigh's culture, might be the friendliest person you'll ever meet, and would spend all her free time scuba diving if she could.

Hannah 8be47fea86e18eaac1885444d7a7eb140ec362fe540ec98068501e2d05390eb2 Hannah Maschoff Marketing Manager

Hannah has a background in marketing & graphic design and joined our growing team in 2016 to focus on overall marketing efforts. She's passionate about sharing stories, good design and well-timed puns.

Sean f6e7c2d587bfa1ee6aa30c0724f89160be825f6cd14955d59b68ce5096d66260 Sean Hornyak Class Manager

Sean first worked with us as a teacher earlier this summer, and then jumped on the team as a Class Manager in early fall. He brings a lot to the table, can solve any tech problem we ever have, and has a twin brother - so to be honest, we're only 90% sure we hired the person we meant to.

Lauren a1f7b7a5acfc81cf81bdfb6a28a48f81f4d432a0f1bea5fb9edd89aa51ac1462 Lauren Au Class Manager

Lauren Au is a Florida girl at heart but is falling in love with the Queen City. She's an avid reader, home chef wanna be, and sometimes a spin class attendee; she also loves learning new things and spending time with her husband exploring her city.

Brittany f63fce0ff0462bf6a172efb10ed3cd9b0a5b0c9aa26a3aa587e12d554b22f145 Brittany Reed Class Manager

Brittany is a California native who likes meeting new dogs, people, and having new experiences. She's working towards becoming an official Charlottean by hunting down the best donuts in the city - a project that we can all get behind.

Kellay 9e3a16022f07ab46d7ed23924abea4b5c2309788415996b5a6f40b17e075b03f Kellay Chapman Class Manager

Kellay came to Raleigh in 2006 to go to NC State and except for a couple years living & working on a farm, she's been in the Triangle ever since. She speaks French & loves adventuring with her husband & dog, Banjo!