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Charlotte Gift Wrapping Essentials December 7, 2017 · 6:30 pm – 8:15 pm

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Taught by
Meg Sloan Jolley
Hygge Coworking West at 2128 Remount Rd

With the holidays around the corner and what seems like a continuous season of baby, engagement, and bridal showers- gift giving is a part of our regular routine. Let’s make sure the presentation of your thoughtful item is on point! In this class, we’ll learn two ways to wrap a basic box and what to do when faced with wrapping oddly shaped items. We’ll also go over how to make ribbon bows, as well as a fun alternative present topper. You’ll never need to use store bought stick-on bows or attempt to hide your gift at the bottom of the pile again!


Have a gift of your own you'd like to wrap? Students are welcome (but not required) to hang out for 15-20 minutes after we "wrap up" class to put skills into play on ONE reasonably sized item while Meg's expert knowledge and top tier supplies are at your fingertips.

Who Should Take This Class?

This class is great for anyone who would like to impress and delight their loved ones with beautifully wrapped gifts!

Gift Wrapping Essentials