Charlotte A Beginner's Guide to Growing Tomatoes March 18, 2019 · 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

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Taught by
Erin Hostetler
Hygge Coworking at 809 W Hill St

Ready to dig into the key to successfully growing tomatoes? In this class, Erin Hostetler - The Patio Farmer, will cover all things tomatoes from top to bottom. We’ll learn about the varieties and types of plants out there and how to plant them at home (especially if you live in small spaces!), and dive deeper into best tips and tricks for ongoing maintenance. Tomatoes can be tricky, but we’ll go through all the nitty gritty details to know including watering techniques, how and what to feed your tomatoes, trellising, the art of pruning, how to deal with pests and disease and more! If you’re a tomato lover, you won’t want to miss this class.

Who Should Take This Class?

This class is great for all tomato lovers. Beginners are welcome! No prior knowledge or gardening experience is required.

A Beginner's Guide to Growing Tomatoes