Charlotte Intro to Low-Waste Living April 18, 2019 · 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

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Taught by
Genevieve Nalls
Hygge Coworking West at 2128 Remount Rd

Living Low Waste is a movement that encourages people to make less trash. You’ve probably seen the alarming facts and anticipated trajectory for our planet and hopefully they compel you to move toward habits that will help us move toward a more favorable outcome. But where do you begin?! In this class, we’ll review our current state and look into specific statistics and how they apply to our lives specifically. Once we’ve gained insight on why we should shift toward a low-waste lifestyle, we’ll receive instruction on tangible ways to take action in getting started. We’ll get a breakdown of the essentials including the 5 R’s, swaps to make, actions to take, what to avoid, how to shop, and trash monitoring. Plan to leave with a motivated and informed mentality to shift into low-waste living, and plenty of local resources to help you begin and maintain a change for the better.


Please bring your preferred method of note taking. We’re going all in on no waste for this class! That means we won’t have plastic cups on hand. We’ll be sure to have water available- so fill free to BYO water bottle to fill up at your convenience.

Who Should Take This Class?

This class is best fit for beginners or individuals who have looked into or taken initial steps toward low-waste living but need help and resources to develop and execute a plan of action.

Intro to Low-Waste Living