Online Crayola Calligraphy March 3, 2021 · 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm ET
Taught by
Caitlin Baumberger

Are you interested in learning calligraphy, but overwhelmed or intimidated by the never-ending options for fancy pens out there? This class is an approachable way to break into the calligraphy world using supplies you might already own. Join Caitlin Baumberger, owner of Happy Tines, as she covers the fundamentals of lettering. She’ll walk you through practicing basic strokes and lowercase letterforms using classic Crayola markers. You’ll leave this class with practice worksheets and knowledge of the basics to continue practicing on your own!


To follow along with this class, you'll need a pack of broad line Crayola markers, copy paper, and tracing paper. We'll send out a detailed list of recommended products upon registration. Want a head start? Check out the new Lettering Sets on our shop page -

Who Should Take This Class?

This class is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the basics of calligraphy lettering. All skill levels are welcome!

Crayola Calligraphy