Online Craft the Perfect Cheeseboard March 4, 2021 · 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm ET
Taught by
Tori Tippin

Have you ever wondered what actually goes into the mouthwatering cheese boards you see on Instagram? In this class, local cheese enthusiast & caterer, Tori Tippin, will teach you the tips and tricks of styling the perfect cheese board. You'll learn the art of placement, cutting, board size, pairings and, of course, the classic salami river as Tori creates an Instagram-worthy board live on camera! Grab your favorite cheeses and meats from the fridge to play along, or just soak in the knowledge and brie prepared to put it to work later.


We’ll send out a suggested shopping list upon registration. These materials should be readily available at your local grocery store and are not brand specific.

Who Should Take This Class?

Cheese lovers of all levels trying to up their styling and placement game will enjoy this class. No prior knowledge required!

Craft the Perfect Cheeseboard