Online Write Your First Book March 8, 2021 · 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm ET
Taught by
Kimmery Martin

Ever wanted to write a book, but not sure where to start? Learn the ropes from Kimmery Martin (@kimmerymartin on Instagram), Physician-turned novelist and author of "Queen of Hearts" and "The Antidote for Everything." In this class, Kimmery will give a high-level overview of novel writing and publishing, especially drawing on her experience writing fiction. We'll talk about specific steps to getting started, developing a story, and the various paths you can take to publication.


Please have your preferred method of note-taking ready for class, as well as a healthy dose of creativity!

Who Should Take This Class?

This class is perfect for new or aspiring writers. By enrolling, you are agreeing to not share or distribute the material from this class.

Write Your First Book